Hail Romanian Brothers of Metal,

This is the Manowar fan-club of Romania. We called it the War-Club. We wish it to be the strongest & the most important metal fan-club in our country. We expect every Romanian metal-head to follow us in the fight against false music, play-back, musical prostitution & against stupidity. Manowar it's an example of perseverance & professionalism. Manowar has never felt into compromise. Manowar doesn't play for money, but for fans. Manowar it's an example of unity. We've chosen Manowar for long time ago as a banner of the true metal attitude. These are the reasons that made us follow the band & to serve it with love & respect. These are the reasons we use to convince those who feel the same & to join us. We wait for you to contact us about any misunderstanding regarding Manowar & we invite you to request our newsletters we send once in a while. This way you will always be up to date about what's happening on Manowar's side. These are the most exact Manowar news you can get.

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This is also a place where you can post your thoughts about Manowar. Any message you want to send to Manowar, any impressive related to Manowar picture of you, send it to us; send the article & we will post it here. Be sure that here is the place where you'll find only the truest Manowar fans in Romania. If you have seen the Kings live, than you can make a complete article about that concert. Send it to us & the other fans will be able to feel what you felt at that concert. Again: tudor@manowar.ro

Very important: anything you send, send it both English & Romanian!!!

All these messages & writings , were sent during our collecting signatures for Manowar action. So, we collected less over 2000 signatures & we know that we have the signatures from some of the best metal-heads in our country. We selected the most important & the most impressive stuff we found in the letters we received. We haven't cuted from the best letters. Those are 100% exact.


Below you will read the most important & interesting phrases we selected from the letters you, the Romanian Brothers & Sisters of Metal, have sent to us in the attempt to convince Manowar to come for a live performance here in Romania. We hope that day will finally come for us too. Manowar is the band that we love & we invite to take the first opportunity they'll have in Romania. Our fan-club thanks everybody supporting us during this nation wide action. Find also below a map with almost all the places in Romania we got letters from. We collected over 2500 support signatures from over 30 Romanian cities. Thousands of supporting e-mails came from all over Romania. In about a week we intend to send this package to Manowar. Enjoy our selection from your correspondence!

Matei - Webmaster

[...]We are Florin, Dana & Matei Stefan, which, I presume, is your youngest fan, aging only 2 months... ...were proud to tell you the boy already has a Manowar t-shirt... ...we hope you'll come to our country & have a concert for your Romanian fans... ...let the Gods make that happen[...]

Florin & Dana from Iasi

Matei Stefan is the youngest Manowar fan in the world. He is Romanian. Next month you will read a complete report about how Dana & Florin met first during our signature collection in support of Manowar. Manowar changed their lives forever.

[...]From a group of True Metal Warriors in Pitesti, Romania: HAIL!... ...we, Romanian fans of Manowar want our favourite band in our country... ...the most powerful desire of ours is to see Manowar live in Romania... THE ROMANIAN ARMY OF STEEL IN MUST BE AS IMPORTANT AS THE ONES IN GERMANY, ITALY OR THE SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES[...]

Silviu Man & Alexandru Joita + Friends from Pitesti

[...]When the WoTW tour 2002 was scheduled to start, we were hoping it would include Romania... ...we had to go to Budapest, Hungary, at the Summer Rocks 2002... ...which was a great show of course, but it is not the same feeling you get when you see Manowar in your own country[...]

Vladimir Iachimovschi from Drobeta Turnu-Severin

[...]Please Joey, if the fans mean everything to you, than come to our country Romania, because here are lots of true warriors who want to see Manowar[...]

Radulescu Andrei & Friend from Bucharest

Radulescu Andrei signed in his own blood the above letter to Manowar

[...]We hope that you have understood that we love you... ...we'll wait for you, don't let us down[...]

Leya & Friends from Brasov

[...]We hope in one glorious day, you'll unleash the Sound of Battle raging by the Hammer of Thor, here in Arad, Romania... To our Kings we kneel with respect.

Alex the Tyr & Ross the Butcher from Arad

[...]My sister & me don't have the money to go to other countries to see a concert of yours (& so thousands of Romanian fans)... ...believe us, there is no doubt that a part of your Army of Immortals is here waiting to hail you for real[...]

Cocia Kinga & Cocia Csilla from Timisoara

Above you see a drawing specially made by Csilla for Manowar

[...]When you will arrive in Romania, you will have a big surprise to see how many people love you... ...so, come in Romania... ...will be the greatest gig of your life[...]

Mircea Costas from Iasi

[...]We are the Romanian Metal Warriors writing to express our wish: WE WANT MANOWAR LIVE IN ROMANIA![...]

Popescu Andrei & Gina Radu from Bucharest

[...]Kick some asses in Romania too![...]

Kertesz Zalan-Albert & Friends

[...]Our duty as members of the club is to transmit you, the band, our wish of seeing you here in Romania... ...I've been dreaming about the day you will come here for a long time... ...I was always reading the Hungarian Magazines: Another Manowar concert in Budapest. My first thought was: Fuck they are so close to me, but also... they are too far. I just couldn't reach you. So, please, don't leave us with our dreams... all that we want is to have you here, LIVE IN ROMANIA!!![...]

Grigore Alin & Friends from Buzau

Alin's art (above)

[...]We beg you to move your asses here & kill, not play... ... it is an unique opportunity, cause our webmasters urged us to gather & write letters, sign on the internet & so we did, just to see you here... ...Romania has also THE FUCKIEST GIRLS in the S-E Europe[...]

Enache Laurentiu & the other Metal Bastards in the group in Dr. Taberei Bucharest

[...]You have always listening to the voice of the fans, so please listen to ours too[...]

Dana & Lily from Harlau

[...]It is our greatest privilege to invite you, the Masters of True Metal, in our country to have a concert to remember[...]

Ioan Paul Pirau & Friends from Cluj Napoca

[...]I hope & pray that my dream will come true one day... ...I want to see the Kings of Metal coming to town, to my town, Bucharest[...]

Razvan Dragomir & Friends from Bucharest

[...]We are infected with the virus of True Metal & we are cureless... ...metal is our life & a part of it is dedicated specially for you Manowar... ...& we hope in a fucking metal concert in Romania[...]

Mandru Petru Dan & Friends from Gheorghieni

[...]I couldn't be at your last concert in Hungary, although I wished to be there... ...my wish & not only mine is to see you, Kings of True Metal, here in Romania, as soon as possible in a live show. Transilvania & Romania waits for you impatiently to come & smash heads here too[...]

Muresan Marius Ovidiu & Friends from Ocna Mures

[...]All the Metal Warriors are waiting for you in Romania[...]

Cornelia from Corabia

[...]From the country called Romania, I hail YOU... ...thank you Gods! Thank you cause you've made Heavy Metal... thank you because you exist... ...fields of warriors are waiting for your arrival[...]

Mutu George Lucian & Friends from Piatra Neamt

[...]We know that you've burnt in flame the spirit of the Metal Warriors all over the world & we desire, with all our hearts, to see, to hear, to smell & feel these flames of yours, spreading all over our heads & hearts... ...by moonlight we ride 10000 side by side... Fighting the World in a single day: the day that the Kings of Metal will be here with us... ...HEAR OUR CALL AS WE'VE HEARD YOURS !!!

Irimies Andreea-Loredana & Irimies Oana Lavinia from Bucharest

[...]I'm fighting my destiny. Why? Because I want to change it. You can help me, you can come to Romania & change my destiny, & change our destiny because here are many people who love your music & who are dying to see you live, but can not because they don't have the possibility to come to your concerts outside Romania[...]

Abalaru Macrina & Friends from Corabia

[...]You will always be the Kings of Metal & we will wait for you[...]

Gherghel Bogdan from Bihor

[...]I still remember the first time I was introduced to Manowar music. It was in 1996 & as I was sitting in my room, I heard at the rock radio station a stunning metal hymn. It was The Gods Made Heavy Metal... ...Since then I have kept the Manowar spirit in me & I've bought all the CD's. It would be great to have Manowar live in Romania[...]

Adrian Gheorghiu & Friends from Bucharest

[...]I love Manowar because it gives me power, energy, & unity... ...I've never seen such a great True Metal Band like Manowar... ...I would be one of the most happy person if I could see Manowar live, here in Romania[...]

Majla Rolland from Targu Mures

[...]What is our greatest wish, our greatest desire? That you will come in Romania & blow the speakers in a concert here[...]

Doina & Friends from Corabia

[...] The real fans of fucking HEAVY METAL from Romania love you a lot... ...you are the best & we want you , here in Romania[...]

Laura Magureanu from Baia Mare

[...]Please come to my little, fish-looking country (no kidding, it really has the form of a fish)... ...well I hope & I will see you soon playing live in Romania, to say Fuck You to the disbelievers & prove once again that you are simply the best. We are waiting for you[...]

Zambila Mihnea Catalin from Bucharest

Above, Mihnea's creations

[...]After 7 years of breathing, waking up in the morning and living for your metal, I've decided to write this letter, hoping that it will bring some help to my brothers & sisters that are summoning you to come & play here in Romania... ...I've been dreaming of seeing you here for a very long time... ...you gave us a new life & a new religion & our strongest desire is to see you here, in the middle of the fans that will fight & give their blood to watch their Wargods of Metal live... ...please answer our prayers, Kings of Metal, and descend in the middle of us... I proudly kiss the steel in your hearts.

Laura-Elena Dorobantu & Friends form Buzau

[...]I want to be very short, but very clear: you ALWAYS said that when you have the chance to play for fans that you haven't played before, you will do it. So! If somebody from here calls you & pays you to play, than COME. We refuse a "NO!"[...]

Mircea Matei from Vaslui

[...]Manowar is the best[...]

Medan Petru Gabriel from Bistrita

Below you will read a selection from the poem created by Ladescu Bianca for the future Manowar concert in Romania:

" All the drums of power will be heard towards fire,
This Army of Immortals that protects the True Metal,
Under the sun blinding our eyes, a moonlight.
The strings of a bass guitar will vibrate for eternity,
And a guitar spreading it's wings on this wind of attack,
Burning beam and glowing stars will flow,
As the voice of a true fighter I hear.

Ladescu Bianca from Bucharest



"When you are old enough to read these words
Their meaning will unfold
These words are all that's left
And though we've never met, my only son
I hope you know
That I would have been there to watch you grow
But my call was heard and I did go
Now your mission lies ahead of you
As it did mine so long ago
To help the helpless ones who all look up to you
And to defend them to the end... Defender... Ride like the wind
Fight proud, my son
You're the defender
God has sent..."

In the memory of Casian

To write about a huge heavy metal band is, for a non-journalist, quite hard. But for a true heavy metal fan this comes easy when he lets his heart speak. For a Manowar fan that had seen the Kings of Metal live, nothing is impossible. I would shortly describe the way Heavy Metal conquered my body & my soul. The first contact was at the end of the 80's, by seeing an Iron Maiden concert on the Yugoslav television 3K Beograd. In 1989, I was 10th grade, when Depeche Mode was a fever, but I have gathered with my High-School rebel brothers for Metallica, Skid Row, Guns'n'Roses. Than in 1990, I was going to a store called Magnet to record on my tapes bands like Accept, Helloween & Judas Priest. I listen to Accept from a friend of mine that came back from Germany with the Metal Heart album. One of the most difficult period of my life was the death of my father. In a evening of the '92 spring, I've listened at radio Timisoara to a so called Rock Connections Metal Show where it was the Triumph of Steel. That was the moment when I understood that a Heavy Metal fan has to be happy to pass over these bad happenings in life. Next day I've went to Rocka Rolla, a special store for metal-heads & there was the moment when I first bought the tapes with the band that was going to become the support of my existence: MANOWAR. Albums like Kings of Metal & Fighting the World convinced me that Manowar is the number 1 band in Heavy Metal & even the best metallic rock band ever. I say all these even if the years that follow (1992-1996) I've listen to an enormous number of bands, from Hard Rock to Death Metal. The track Defender, remains & will remain forever the spiritual support I get from my father.

On my University period (1993-1997) I was always present on my exams wearing a Manowar t-shirt, thing that I've kept even when I had my last exam, the graduation one. Many Heavy Metal fans were attracted when I was introducing them to Manowar music.The idea of a Manowar fan-club came back in 1995 when Matei (webmaster of manowar.ro) launched an announce in the local Heavy Metal Magazine, one of the best rock magazines in Romania. I e-mailed Matei till 2000 when we finally met face to face. In 1999 I was in France & met the French Metal Warriors Manowar fan-club & I understood & seen people that really know what Manowar means. After I've missed a concert in Paris, the concert in Strasbourg was cancelled & I had no money to see you guys in Milano, so I had to return to Romania & to say that if you will come near Romania, I will do everything to be there. So it came a magical day in January 2002, when it was officially known about the Manowar concert on Summer Rocks, in Budapest. It was certain that on the 7th of June I'll be there. I met a guy from Radio Gaga that was organizing the trip to Budapest. His name is not important, the most know him. Due to him I had the ticket right from April. I received the ticket at my place of work (a superior Studying Institution). On THAT day, the 7th of June, I've left Timisoara at 6 o'clock in the morning with Adi Mihailov from Bestial Records. Unfortunately only 2 of my metal friends from Timisoara managed to come. In Arad we've met another 10 of the best metal-heads & we left with a micro-bus & the driver was confused & a bit scared. There was a van full of rockers. The way to Budapest is something hard to describe.
I was standing at the Petofi Hall. Full of metal-heads from 14 to 50 years old. They were there for a single reason: Manowar. There was Iron MaiDNEM opening, an Iron Maiden tribute band. Than we've seen Dew Scented, a super thrash death metal band with a lot of Slayer influences, band that prepared us for the most important presence in that night. There was still a band called Kalapacs that sang the prayer Great Father on metal & I've seen the fans in their knees.
The rain came & it lasted a few hours. A Manowar camera-man was staring at us. It was a great tension in the air. Than you show up. Another 24 speakers were revealed & that's when I realized why is Manowar known in the Book of records for being the Loudest Band in the world. I've seen the concert from the left side of the scene & for another 3 days after the concert, I kept on hearing your bass-guitar, Joey. There was around an hour and a half of Manowar. We all were fighting the rain. You changed the guitars for a few times. I've seen your piccolo & your 8 string. You have been great. Scott, you have been explosive & you Karl killed us with those solos. Eric, your voice rules. You seemed to be a God. Joey, your look touched everyone that night & when you looked at me I felt a benefic light that stroke me. Eric touched the hands with the front row fans. The rest is history. There were girls on stage, the emotional Nessun Dorma and many more that every fan deserves, at least once in a life time. Me & Matei tried to enter the place you stayed, but we weren't aloud. We walked through Budapest, all dressed in leather. On 3 o'clock in the night we left with a car to Romania. In the morning we were back in Oradea. Matei left for Bucharest & I waited the train for Timisoara. Over a month I was a story machine, because everybody was asking me about that concert. That concert gave me the power to create myself a very prosper life & I'm sure that whenever I'll have the chance to repeat this experience, I'll do it.

Romeo Profu' Negrea - Timisoara

This is the story of a Math University teacher. He is a doctor in Math Sciences & one of the greatest Manowar fans in Romania. I have nothing to add to his words. I just have to say that I respect a lot this friend of mine & you guys should do the same. This is what Manowar means & this is the strength Heavy Metal gives when is correctly understood. We began with some Manowar phrases & so I end:

"The Gods made Heavy Metal and they saw that is was good
They said to play it louder than Hell
We promised that we would
When losers say it's over with
you know that it's a lie
The Gods made Heavy Metal and it's never gonna die".

Tudor - Webmaster

Kill me or die by the sword!!!

ManOwaR means to me the way I see, feel & live my life. Understanding & listening to ManOwaR music for over than 10 years now, I realise that all my best moments are related to the magic of this band. Together with the four warriors, I developed myself as a mighty strong personallity. ManOwaR is a very powerfull band, & it cares a lot about it's music. Over 20 years of heavy metal & they have never felt into comercial compromise, so they are fairly named The kings of Metal !!!

Mircea Costas - Iasi

This is Mircea Costas, with a foto-verbal self presentation. His words are often said by any Manowar fan & this is not special about him. I have to say something more about Mircea. We have to respect the devotion this fan served our fan-club since we began, over a year ago, with the site. We, me, Matei & you as fans, have to thank Mircea. From the total of the signatures we collected for Manowar, Mircea is responsable for almost 35%. I can't stay without saying something when somebody is so devoted to the band we love. Mircea means Moldavia... I say this because Moldavia is the number one county of Romania after counting the signatures. Mircea has sent us signatures from people all across Moldavia. Imagine the number of the signatures if there were 4 more like Mircea all over the country. He is an example for all of us. Other information about Mircea: he works as a dealer in a bearing show-room, 5th grade student at the Enviromental Sciences University, he loves Ashihara Karate Kendo & his most important bands are Manowar, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Sepultura, Slayer, Dream Theater & many, many more. I tell you all this because he isn't just a time-looser that has nothing better to do than collecting signatures for Manowar, but he also has a good job, he in a student & the most important, a Manowar fan.

I finish with a might Hail, Hail to Mircea !!!

Tudor - Webmaster

ManOwaR... for life...

The picture above, it's a clear example to prove that Romania has fanatical-devoted Manowar fans too. She is a very devoted Metal Sister from our country & I will let her tell you more about what Manowar means & about her decision for a permanent Manowar tattoo... It is her wish not to reveal her identity & look & we respect her will. She has graduated the university & she is an example of the power our music gives you. She's an example, not only for the metal-heads, but also for every person that wants to find the own way in life...

Tudor - Webmaster

There is a word, you know: everything has an end... Except one "thing", I reply... & that "thing" is for me... ManOwaR... True Metal... For Life!

No Comment...

regret not writing you lately, but there was a killer period; I want to tell you a story: in February me & Mircea (from Iasi) began collecting signatures for the concert. A friend of Mircea, Florin din Iasi, also a member in the fan-club, offered his help. In June I've passed my University graduation exam, in July, the contest for a place of work & in august, me & Florin got married & we already wait a new little Manowar fan to show up on this world at the end of this month. In a way we owe you very much as webmaster & also to this fan-club that has brought us together.

Daniela - Iasi

Hail Daniela,
Your e-mail impressed me & Matei very much. I've never regretted doing this fan-club & your mail comes to fortify my position. I only take you as example & I realize that it's something great. I wish you both to continue your happy & metallic lives.

Soon, a complete article + pictures.

Tudor - Webmaster

See Manowar live & you may die happy !!!!

(Manowar live in Freiburg)

These were the thoughts me & my "brother" Alex Chirila left with, in the beginning of December, right to Freiburg to see our dream come true (only a part because our dream is to see Manowar live in Romania). There's no use to keep on boring you with all the efforts we had to reach the concert. (collecting cent by cent, month by month, kindly asking our bosses to let us go for 4 days, 3 horrible meals in one day & a half in the highway fuel stations, etc...) We left Arad on the 7th of December 2002 at 5 in the morning with a truck of our company... it seems the road is invisible... we pass through as if we were in a tunnel of smoke... How it will be, are there going to be lots of people, are we going to have good places, will we be able to handle the situation with all those crazy metal-heads, how are we going to react when we will see The 4, will we manage to be proud? All the travel was killing us due to these thoughts, but they were useless because, you will see... everything was awesome... such an extreme feeling we haven't felt before. We reached Freiburg on Sunday, 8th of December 2002, just after 4 in the evening. The drivers went like hell, as if they wanted to help us to reach our dream. Dead tired we try to speak with a local metal-head to explain us about Stadthalle, the place of the metal storm. We hardly got a taxi (the cab driver fucked our money a bit) & we couldn't miss... Everywhere we see unleashed metal-heads, all the possible Manowar flags, t-shirts, motor jackets, banners, motors, war-cries... a perfect metal army ready for metal-war. Alex takes me to the promotional store. In a second our Euros went to hell... Shirts & a banner are lost in our baggage... we have a moment superiority felling as if we both bought an island & 3 Ferraris, not just some things. We remain only with the money to return & money for beer, but so fucking what. The best was going to come... We devour a Burger-King as big as our heads, have a few beers & we are not cold or tired anymore. We meet guys from all over the Europe. Dead drunk Germans, scared Swiss, screaming Italians & the Hungarians who were looking strange... The coolest were some Checks that we get in touch with. Simple guys just like us & for the first time at a concert like this. They seem to be kind & we easily communicate. Another beer & in the hall we go. We are happy to find that our places are somewhere in the middle, those guys not far away & we are pleased... we could have been in the back of the hall. The bodyguards apply the green plastic that shows our place on our hands & there we were. We find a huge hall, but maybe because of the giant stage that was prepared for the metal massacre... Alex estimates around 6.000 people & I think he was right. Suddenly a local rocker shows up on the stage, says some German words... no idea what & the crowd begins to scream the magical word: "Manowar, Manowar..." We are freaked, but fine... We feel it in the whole body & we also begin to scream. When you see something like this, you're just not able to stay calm. The flags are up, thousands of screaming chests &... here's the first band of the night: Primal Fear. The heads prepare for head banging. Although they are great we can't wait for Manowar to come. We feel as if they play for 3 days & will play 3 more. Finally they are done... a strange silence... for sure the calm before the storm. The screams are now heard one by one & suddenly the lights are turned off. We hear the Viking sound & finally Orson Welles' "Ladies and gentelmen from the United States of America All Hail ManOwaR !!!" That's it... there's nothing to do... the Manowar concert is about to begin. I cannot describe the feeling... you see them on Harleys on the stage... smoke & lightning... flames... cold sweat on our backs & we've lost any notion of time & space. We seem to be high... Hail, Hail, Hail... Crazy killer fans screaming... Flags, hands, hair, you hardly see the stage because of that. We don't sing, we scream. THE 4 are presented & the crowd hails them. Joey gets a few extra seconds. We see the girls horned by Joey. Fighting the World is next to remember us that Manowar is year after year on the road to meet the fans. Sign of the Hammer & the result is a fucking crazy head banging. Even more... there's Kill with Power, Die, Die, Die answer the army. Wimps and posers. Die u loosers. Warriors of the World, a track of the new album is next. "Brothers everywhere/Raise your hands into the air" says Eric & we faithfully respond (when are we going to hear this in Romania... hope soon). We salute again. After this first crazy part of the concert, we have a more slow moment: Courage & here are the fire lights, chicks on the shoulders... long into the night we sing. We thank again with a long Manowar, Manowar... Eric inflames us more & advices us to be true for the rest of our lives... He even speaks German for the delight of the maniacal Deutchland fans & the screams seem to be endless. Blood of the Kings goes next... our brothers in Romania will not fail... Than Joey superb solo... you are about to swear that you don't see his fingers. We were shocked. Karl is the next in line & finally Eric gets the bass & the guitar letting the other to play them as if they were playing the piano... AWESOME!!! We are presented to Fight Until We Die... what a song... a real extreme heavy metal. I don't regret the 6 waiting years between the albums. We have to realize that Manowar had came into town, so there's the hymn Kings of Metal. Manowar plays with us saying that the show is over. You know dam well the truth. The warriors keep on shouting their name for minutes... Joey gets on the stage with 2 great babes & we know what is about to happen after the show. Of course... the show isn't over yet... after a few more minutes of screams we face The Return of the Warlord... What a track... what an experienced show management... we realize the 20 years of burning on the Metal Altar. They are some of the best... & here's the end of our show, with a track that was going to set the hall in flames... Herz aus Stahl... Although we don't know German, we were shouting something there because soon the show was going to end. We didn't manage to scream again & here's the empty stage. Sad, but true... it was over. We were surprised to find the fans vary calm after the show... they were still shocked by the true metal show they've seen. I hardly see Alex through this imaginary fog. He has bloody eyes & walks like a zombie. The same with me. Our heads are about to explode... we hardly speak after 2 hours of screaming. We leave the hall behind & we get lost in the night... Concert-flashes come back to us... We couldn't believe we've done it. We're tired, but happy. We spend the night is a bar... coffee... beer & in the morning our drivers show up to take us home. We see the video camera that was going to record all our experience... We forgot about it. We are disappointed, but still happy.

It doesn't matter Brothers!!! We are going to be ready for the Manowar concert in Romania !!!

Ross "the Butcher" Razvan & Alex "the Tyr" - Arad

A Dream that Came True on the 7th of June 2002


6 months. This was the most horrible, the longest & the most boring waiting of my life. It was than when I've found out about the return of the Kings of Metal in Hungary, a neighbor country. The concert was already in my site, but, you know, the more you expect something, the hardest you get it. For the first time there were a lot of problems (money, exams, passport), but I said there's nothing in the world to stop me seeing my masters on the 7th of June, when Manowar were the headliners alongside with Slayer in the Hungarian Summer Rocks Festival 2002. So, I've made my passport, the money weren't a problem anymore & I think that no exam in the world can't stand in front Manowar. The wait was murdering me & there I were, hungry for metal in the front row, some of my Romanian brothers beside me, waiting for the moment when the lights will explode leaving me looking at my idols. There was nothing to do now, my dream was coming true. "Ladies & Gentlemen, from the U.S.A., all hail MANOWAR". The few seconds between the end of this so known phrase and the majestic apparition were longer than my 6 months of wait that I've spent in Romania. Finally DeMaio & the rest of the guys were standing in front of me. Eric, Joey, Karl & Scott were an unleashed pure Heavy Metal storm. "Manowar born to live forever more". The war-cries were louder, the band was stronger & together we were the great warrior present on Manowar's covers. Metal storm against the rain storm. You know dam well which one won. Almost all the strongest tracks were played (Fighting the World, Sign of the Hammer, Black Wind Fire & Steel, Power, Army of the Immortals, Kings of Metal & of course Hail & Kill). 8 Hungarian super girls were taken by force by the 4 kings to be their pleasure slaves. Back in 1992 I've bought my first 2 tapes (Battle Hymns & Kings of Metal). I was only 11 years old but convinced that Manowar way is the right way. And so it was. Manowar never disappointed me, Manowar always offered me the best a metal band can offer. I think that we may say that the Heavy Metal spirit is Manowar spirit. Seeing this concert made me stronger & this new Manowar album (WotW - 2002) convinced me that Heavy Metal lives for sure. Over the years I have also understood that Heavy Metal is a kind of religion, that Heavy Metal is more than a simple kind of music. Nothing can stop Heavy Metal & we know Manowar are here for us. I hope some day Manowar will step on Romanian ground because a lot of warriors are here for them & they are loyal & devoted. We will fight until we die for you, with you.

Hail & Kill !!!

Tudor - Bucuresti